Thursday, 10 April 2014

Would you do your bestfriend´s wedding makeup?

Well, if you are reading this blog, there is a higher chance that you probably are makeup-obsess like me. And probably, you have friends who are pretty sure that - just because you own more than one-colour eyeshadow- you are able to apply makeup to anyone. Sound familiar?:D Not-having makeup-interested friends was actually one of the main reason why I decided to start writing a beauty-blog...I wanted to meet other makeup freaks like me and be able to blah blah blah about products without disapproving looks :P
Most of my friends don´t really get why someone should buy so much products - well, this I understand- and somehow they consider me "a makeup professional". This is very funny, because I have no professional experience in this area and I never ever attended any makeup school or course.
So, I was more than in shock when one of my best friends asked me to do her makeup for her wedding day. I was petrified!!!! I tried to explain her that I have no knowledge or experience and that I really didn´t want to ruin her perfect day. She was determined, saying that she loves how I do my own makeup and "no pressure, something coloured...". I really wanted to crush my head on the wall.
In my life I applied makeup only on my mum - who wears eyeshadow only on Christmas - and my best friends back when we were teenagers - and glitter was not that difficult to apply.
On the top of this, my friend is the kind of natural beauty who really does not, but most important, do not need any makeup. Her daily look is just a bit a mascara, and done, beautiful. But she really wanted to try a more coloured look for her wedding day....with yellow and green!!!
I really had no idea what to do...but I have to accept the challenge. Well, I was massively happy when my friend had to change her wedding day plans and decided to celebrate her marriage just with close relatives on  a lake village just outside Munich. This meant that I was not anymore "the makeup-artist" but I had "simply" to teach her some techniques to use on her own for the day.
Again, I think it is very funny to be a makeup teacher, but well I gave it a try. This is the mess we create that day:

I succeeded to persuade my friend to give up her "coloured-theme" and go for something more natural, instead. I tried to show some You Tube tutorials, but she wasn´t that keen on these looks, so I ended up with two possible looks for the "big day". I don´t remember exactly the products but it was mainly warm-brown-Goldie looks using the Naked Palette by Urban Decay - no surprise, here- Maybelline Colour Tattoo in on and on bronze, a flick of brown eyeliner by Stila and some lovely Taupe pigments by Mac.
For the cheeks, we went for something quite subtle with my fave coral tone blush by Accessorize. Finally for the lips, we agree for a pink-sheer tone lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent.
It was much fun to try to "teach" some makeup techniques, especially because it was the first time my friend ever heard about : primers and brushes!!!

At the end of the day, she was really impressed by the Naked Palette and my Zoeva brushes and decided to buy some for herself in the future. I saw the photos of her wedding day and I must say that she did a great job
But let´s say it, personally, I would never do my own wedding-makeup look....I am a spoiled princess and I would like to have a "professional" to do this hard-job ;)

What about you?has a friend ever asked you to do her makeup for her big day?Would you accept?
I am very curious to find out if you had similar experiences!!!!
Baci Belle!!!
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  1. Ahahah anche io ho aperto il blog per le medesime motivazioni: fra le mie amiche nessuna è make-up junkie come me :( Se qualche amica mi chiedesse di truccarla per il matrimonio...scapperei ad Honolulu XD sentirei troppo il peso della responsabilità su di me:)Mi piacciono le scelte che hai proposto alla tua amica: il marrone dorato è una garanzia e sta bene praticamente a tutte :D

    1. Guarda, non ti dico l´infarto che mi é venuto!!!davvero, per fortuna che alla fine le ho dovuto solo "insegnare" il look e imprestarle il necessario.....almeno ha desistito sull´idea giallo-verde(al pensiero ho ancora i brividi...)...c´e´da dire anche che il vestito non era bianco ma era un dirndl (vestito tipico bavarese) quindi mi sembrava che optare sul marroncino dorato fosse il male minore ;)

  2. Anche io ho un blog a causa di quelle scriteriate amiche che mi ritrovo :) se una dovesse chiedermi di truccarla, sverrei! Non credo accetterei mai, meglio il tocco di una professionista o una migliore di me (e non ci vuole poi molto!!!)

    1. Come ti capisco, ma la mia amica era irremovibile (non si scherza con le tedesche!ahahhaha).....e a quanto pare ero l´unica persona che conosce che possiede un pennello da trucco :D e comunque da quello che ho visto sul tuo blog, tu sei bravissima!mi basta vedere come applichi il rossetto!!!! :D