Friday, 25 April 2014

Spring Mini-Break in Istanbul

Last week I spent some days in one of my favourite cities : the beautiful Istanbul! This was my fourth time over there but this time was quite special because with me&my boyfriend flew also my parents from Italy. It was really great to be all together -OK, except my brother!- in a such a nice place. It was the first time in Istanbul for my parents so we saw all the "tourist" must -see places and with my boyfriend speaking Turkish was all really easier!
I thought it could be nice to leave some photo-impressions : I hope you like it!

My father is a big fan of history so we really HAD to visit Istanbul Archaeological Museum. It has really great collection, my favourite pieces were the sarcophagus- they were really masterpieces!

The queue for Hagia Sophia was really long but it was all worth it! This ex-Church ex- Mosque now turned in Museum is so beautiful and ...massive! Love the christian mosaics next to Islamic symbols - really unique.
Next to Hagia Sophia, we visited the Basilica Cistern which lies beneath the city. The main attraction are two massive Medusa head pillar but I also loved the light reflections on the water.

One of my favourite places in Istanbul is Arnavutköy, just on the shoreline of the Bosporus. I love this buildings, each one in different tone and style, so romantic! We had a lovely walk there and stopped for a coffee in a nice cafe. The view was amazing.
Guessed right! This pale redhead is me :D

We were also lucky enough to have a splendid sunny day for our Bosporus boat tour. It was so nice and gave the opportunity to see all the beautiful Ottoman mansions on the shoreline as well as Rumeli Hisari, the fortress located on the European side of the Bosporus.
We went also to visit the Asian side of Istanbul and had a walk on the famous Bagdat Avenue which has some cool high end stores - Nars, beauty girls!Nars store!!!
My greatest discovery there was...yes the Hello Kitty Cafe&Restaurant *______-* It was soooo lovely all in pink with hello kitty decorations...there was even an ice cream stand! Nevertheless to say NO ONE wanted to stop inside ;__; Cruel people! They killed a dreamer :P

For shopping you already probably know but Istanbul has really great - and massive- malls where you can really find any makeup brand - Inglot, Nars, Makeupforever, Sephora...Vicoria´s Secrets, Bath&Body Works. My favourite mall is İstinyePark, where I had the chance for a short visit to Bath&Body Works :D We had no much time for shopping but I could not resist - even, I still regret about not visiting the Nars store ;_;
But next month, I will be in London for few days and I am already preparing my shopping list :D
So, this was just some impressions of Istanbul...there is so much more to say or to show you but I hope you enjoyed this post.
What about you? Have you ever been to Istanbul? Let me know!
Baci Belle!

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  1. Instanbul!!!Quanto vorrei andarci, è in wishlist vacanziera da anni :'(

  2. E´davvero una bellisima citta´!!Molto caotica ma merita davvero! :)