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I love travelling, meeting new cultures, see new landscapes and discover new traditıons. I find always interesting how the approach on the the beauty world and products varies in different countries.

Recently, I was in Turkey where I travelled through Istanbul, Çorlu and Bursa. I was lucky enough to be guest at my boyfriend's relatives and friend houses, so I was able to discover many interesting traditions and beauty products too.
I brought back in Germany three 'turkish beauty souvenirs' and I tought it could be interesting to introduce them to you all.


Yes, I know what are you thinking....What the ### is this thing? Well, if you ever been to a turkish bath, you have probably alredy seen this Exfoliator Glove also called 'Kese'. It is in the turkish tradition to exfoliate the skin with this kind of gloves which can be produced with different materials, mine is in silk 'Ipek'.
It is very easy to use, just first wet your skin with some water and than massage your skin with the glove. There is no need of soap or peeling gels! Usually turkish bath workers scrub quite hard the skin of the customer, but in my opinion, being gentle is a much better option especially if you have sensitive skin as mine.
It removes neatly dead skin - yuk!- and accelerates the innovation on the skin stimulating the blood circulation.
I think it is pretty easy to find these gloves also outside Turkey. The one I have is from the store Özdilek in Bursa, but I saw similar products also on drugstores here in Germany like Müller.
The price was very cheap just 5 Turkish Lira - about 2/3€.


When I was home guest back in Turkey, I noticed immediately that everybody uses to keep in different rooms  -living room, bathroom, guest's room- bottles of cologne mostly lemon scented.
I was very curious about it because in Italy, we use it mostly...well as a parfume, of course!doh! I asked my boyfriend and some of his friends and they told me it's tradition to use these cologne to refresh themselves when it's hot and obviously as hand sanitizer as it cointains alchohol.
These kind of cologne are sold really everywhere in Turkey, not only in parfume stores and most of the time you can find it at the supermarket check out. The common brands like mine are sold in plastic bottles  and are really cheap.
I find the idea very nice so I brought back home a Selin Limon Kolonyası bottle. I keep it in the living room and it's a great room re-fresher - especially after I cook.
As hand sanitızer I prefer the gel formulation like the ones from Bath&Body Works because they dry less the hand skin.


The last one is probably the most famous product from Turkey.
The turkish rose water is very famous for its multıple purpose. It can be used as refresher and tonic for the skin but also to cook cakes and desserts. Moreover, you can add some drops in the pure water or tea to have a rose scented drink.
It can be used also on cotton pads for puffy eyes...or in the bathtub for a great rose bath!
I love all rose scented products, they remind me my mum and my grandma used for many years the Roberts Rose Water...I loved it! So I could not resist to try this!
I found  Şelale Gül Suyu in a supermarket in Bursa and the product comes also in a plastic bottle. It costs about 7 Turkish Lira - around 3/4€.
I haven' t tried yet because I want to finish first my Bioderma miscellar water, but I heard great things about this much cheaper face water. If you can understand german, I advise this video by the German Beauty Guru Ebrus Beautylounge where Ebru explains really well the great benefits of this product.

Well that was all, I hope you enjoyed this little turkish beauty trip. I hope I could presented these products correctly, if not, it is my boyfriend's fault! Ok, I am kidding! :)
 and what about you;? Do you like trying beauty products from different countries? Let me know in the comments below!

Baci belle!!!!

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