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Well, I know , love is in the is Valentine´s Day and I bet that you have already read enough of posts suggesting the right makeup for the evening or gifts you can give to your partner. Don´t worry, I think others already did their best so today my post is going to be different ;)
As I am a sucker for anything romantic - much fault of Jane Austen and too many romantic movies starring Colin Firth - I realised that I tend to buy "romantic products" too when it comes about bath or shower gels.

I know that because of my very sensitive skin, I probably should be using all very basic-organic-perfume free products...but I just can´t help it. When I smell flowery - romantic notes with cute packaging....I have to buy it!I will show you what caught my attention - and my wallet! - lately.

L´ERBOLARIO Fiori Scuri Bagnoschiuma con estratto di Iris

I have to thank my mum for the first product. When I was home back in Italy for Christmas, we passed by my much beloved L´Erbolario store for some gifts and knowing how much I love their products, my mum bought me this bath gel with iris extract "Dark Flowers".
I ´ve tried already many L´Erbolario products and I must say that till now I´ve been always satisfied. If you are not familiar with this brand, I just let you know that this is an Italian company producing plants-based face and body products with botanical essences.It is pretty well distributed world wide, except if I am not wrong North America.
This bubble bath gel cointains iris extract, wheat protein and Yucca saponin- the last one is also a plant fiy. The fragrance is a very classical but not in a boring way. I think it suits very well on this transition period from winter to spring as it is flowery smell but not too fresh, actually quite "dark". I think I will start very soon using it

BATH AND BODY WORKS Moonlight Path&Pink Chiffon Shower Gels and Paris Amour Body Lotion

If you are lucky enough to live in a Country where they sell Bath and Body Works products, you know this is the dream land for romantics. The fragrances...the I love them! I had the chance to visit the store in Istanbul and I didn´t come back home empty handed as I explained here.
At the time I was there , there was the paying 2 products get one for free offer....and it was just so difficult to decide what to buy! I start trying Moonlight Path Shower Gel because I bought last year the body lotion from the same line and I just adored it. The shower gel contains Shea butter, vitamin E and aloe. The perfume is deep, mysterious and very relaxing too.After that, the pink packaging products got my attention ;) Pink Chiffon Shower Gel has the same ingredients but the fragrance is definitely more sweet and feminine. And finally, the last product that I chose is Paris Amour body lotion which also contains aloe and vitamin E&B5. Again the fragrance is sweet, reminding me of pink bubble gums, very girly. What can say? I love these products also because they look so nice on my dresser ;)

THE BODY SHOP Amazonian Wild Lily Shower Gel

This is the shower gel that I am currently using: The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily. Well, it is maybe a bit less "romantic" on the packaging side but the gel is very gentle on the skin thanks to natural ingredients. The fragrance is fresh and delicate too, but it seems to disappear after few minutes after applying it....which is not very good, honestly. But the most annoying part of all this line of Body Shop product is the bottle tap, is it only me or is it so hard to open it?I mean...really....I had to use my teeth-no kidding! I almost finished it and I don´t think I will re-purchase it. It costs 8€.

AVON Egyptian Bath Petals Planet Spa

This gift is the quintessential of the romantic bath. Avon Egyptian Secrets Bath Petals are so sweet and perfect in the box...that I could not have the heart to use them. Honestly, the fragrance is nothing special but the concept is great....a rose petal bath just like in the movies. I just need relax, a good book and candles....I know but I told you. I am ro-man-tic. I just can´t help it! ;)

What about you?What are your favourite bath products? Let me know!

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