Monday, 27 January 2014


Two new products that I´ve bought lately are extremely feminine and of!

Everybody was very excited here in Munich, when it was announced that they were opening a new Victoria´s Secret store at the airport. So when my boyfriend had to fly back home in December and I was more than glad to bring him to airport :)
The store itself is very small and the products overpriced compared to American prices....said that...I bought anyway a little "souvenir" : Pure Seduction Red Plum & Freesia Hydrating Body Lotion.
 I love the elegant and sweet - but not too overpowering-  fragrance. The body lotion is easily and fast absorbed by the skin and leaves the skin soft and hydrated. The packaging is delicious too with pinks and gold detail.
I must say I really like Victoria´s Secret body products, actually more than their own lingerie lines.
So next time, when you are at terminal 1 at Munich airport I advice you to check the store. For general information, I paid the body lotion about 15€.
I bought this second girly product in Italy. I´ve always been a fan of the italian beauty brand Pupa and I think it is just a pity that I cannot find their products here in Germany - if I am not wrong, Pupa sells in England but for the rest of Europe I have no idea, sorry.
All the Pupa products have a distinctly elegant packaging and Pupa Princess Loose Shimmer Face Powder 001  is even more cute. The powder is part of Pupa´s Christmas collection for "modern princess".
I immediately fall in love with the classic and elegant packaging and - as I am lately a big fan of highlighters and blushes - I had to try it.
The shimmering powder has a very fine texture but contains pretty noticeable glitter - bit bigger than the usual highlighter. I used it just underneath the eyebrows and the effect was very subtle -  so not worry about looking like a disco ball.
As I said the packaging is very pretty but unfortunately it is not very good to transport as the fine powder tends to slide out of the pot. It was not very good finding it out when I travelled from Italy to Germany. Not that dramatic but better to keep the product home.

This is all for now, I hope you like these new products. More makeup looks and reviews are coming soon!

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