Friday, 31 January 2014


Bourjois happy light luminous serum primer

Nars sheer foundation mont blanc

Laura Mercier mineral compact pressed powder tender rose

Lancome effacernes longue tenue 01 beige pastel

Benefit they´re real! mascara

Mac paint pot soft ochre

Manhattan eyeshadow pencil

Victoria's Secret beauty rush luminous shadow bronze ambition

L' Oreal nude magique bb blush universelles rouge rose'

Estee Lauder pure  color pink riot


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Is it really worth it?


For some strange reason, I get  really mad to try hyped products especially if they are really hard to find. As you know I live in Germany, where only God knows why, it is almost impossible to find the most common international brands: Rimmel? forget it! Urban Decay? for now nowhere to be seen! Too Faced? nope! and of course Revlon!
So I was very curious to try Revlon Lip Butter, because it looks like everyone adore them. My mum was so nice to buy me Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake when I was home in Italy for Christmas. It is a kind of combination between a lip balm and a lipstick with a quite good colour coverage. The shade is a nice Barbie pink with some glitter which are not so visible once applied.

Well I've tried it for now only twice but I am far from impressed....First, time  I wore it on New Years Eve when I was in Turkey. Me, my boyfriend and his parents passed the evening in a very nice hotel near Istanbul. The dinner party was more than nice but my lipstick  after just half an hour was no where to be seen....The same happened the other day when I wore it at work....just drunk a cappuccino and everything was disappeared!
Well, I know that normal lipsticks have no long lasting power but what surprised me was that my lips where really not hydrated at all...I mean it should be a kind of lip balm, right? So, I am quite disappointed....
But despise all of this, I must say that I really like the colour and it looks very nice combined with a smoky look - as you can see here.
What do you think? Have you tried it? I am quite torn about trying another shade ......well I am open to suggestions!


Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Bourjois happy light luminous serum primer

Nars sheer foundation mont blanc

Laura Mercier mineral compact pressed powder tender rose

Lancome effacernes longue tenue 01 beige pastel

Benefit they´re real! mascara

Mac paint pot soft ochre

Helena Rubinstein  feline pencil wild black01

Stila  stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner intense black

B BasicBeauty  baked blush

Revlon  colorbust lip butter strawberry shortcake 080

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Bourjois happy light luminous serum primer

Nars sheer foundation mont blanc

Laura Mercier mineral compact pressed powder tender rose

Lancome effacernes longue tenue 01 beige pastel

Benefit they´re real! mascara

Mac paint pot soft ochre

Mac impeccable brow pencil blond

Sleek brow kit light 817

Lavera style&care gel

Alverde eyeshadow mono valentine rose 40 (as blush)

Max Factor lip pencil passionate red 03

Mac matte lipstick Russian red

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Che sia chiaro, nessun aperitivo puó battere il mio amato Aperol-Spritz, ma d´inverno - visto le poche simpatiche temperature- é una buona idea ripiegare in versioni piú "calde".
Se avete visitato qualche mercatino natalizio stile tedesco, conoscerete giá il famoso Glühwein, un vino caldo speziato servito in tipiche tazze natalizie per riscaldare gli animi e le mani dei visitatori. Dalle mie parti in Italia,  in Friuli, lo chiamiamo Vin Brulé e sinceramente non c´e´molta differenza con il "cugino tedesco".
Il Kinderpunsch é la versione per bambini del Glühwein, un succo d´uva molto speziato all´aroma d´arancia chiaramente senza alcool. Io lo amo quasi di piu´della versione alcolica.
Il Käfer Hausgemacht Punsch Rot é un po´la versione casalinga del Glühwein. Questa piccola bottiglia mi é stata regalata per il mio compleanno da una delle mie migliori amiche. L´idea é davvero carina e ieri sera, io e il mio ragazzo ce lo siamo gustato guardando qualche programma trash inglese.
Questo aperitivo invernale, va servito caldo, ma non bollente.E´una simpatica idea, aspettando che le temperature si alzino.
*Ricordo a tutti che questa bevanda contiene alcool 9%, quindi va consumata con responsabilitá*

Voi cosa ne pensate? Avete altre alternative invernali per l´aperitivo?


Monday, 27 January 2014


Two new products that I´ve bought lately are extremely feminine and of!

Everybody was very excited here in Munich, when it was announced that they were opening a new Victoria´s Secret store at the airport. So when my boyfriend had to fly back home in December and I was more than glad to bring him to airport :)
The store itself is very small and the products overpriced compared to American prices....said that...I bought anyway a little "souvenir" : Pure Seduction Red Plum & Freesia Hydrating Body Lotion.
 I love the elegant and sweet - but not too overpowering-  fragrance. The body lotion is easily and fast absorbed by the skin and leaves the skin soft and hydrated. The packaging is delicious too with pinks and gold detail.
I must say I really like Victoria´s Secret body products, actually more than their own lingerie lines.
So next time, when you are at terminal 1 at Munich airport I advice you to check the store. For general information, I paid the body lotion about 15€.
I bought this second girly product in Italy. I´ve always been a fan of the italian beauty brand Pupa and I think it is just a pity that I cannot find their products here in Germany - if I am not wrong, Pupa sells in England but for the rest of Europe I have no idea, sorry.
All the Pupa products have a distinctly elegant packaging and Pupa Princess Loose Shimmer Face Powder 001  is even more cute. The powder is part of Pupa´s Christmas collection for "modern princess".
I immediately fall in love with the classic and elegant packaging and - as I am lately a big fan of highlighters and blushes - I had to try it.
The shimmering powder has a very fine texture but contains pretty noticeable glitter - bit bigger than the usual highlighter. I used it just underneath the eyebrows and the effect was very subtle -  so not worry about looking like a disco ball.
As I said the packaging is very pretty but unfortunately it is not very good to transport as the fine powder tends to slide out of the pot. It was not very good finding it out when I travelled from Italy to Germany. Not that dramatic but better to keep the product home.

This is all for now, I hope you like these new products. More makeup looks and reviews are coming soon!

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Sunday, 26 January 2014



Bourjois happy light base serum lumiere

Nars sheer foundation mont blanc

Laura Mercier mineral compact pressed powder tender rose

Lancome effacernes longue tenue 01 beige pastel

Benefit they´re real! mascara

Mac paint pot soft ochre

Sleek brow kit light 817

Mac impeccable brow pencil blond

Lavera style&care gel

Dior rose collection rosa, braun lidschatten

Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner intense black

Too Faced sweethearts perfect flush blush

P2 define your lip line lip liner

Artdeco dita von teese lippenstift 637

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Friday, 24 January 2014



Some time ago I published on Tumblr  a big haul with birthday&Christmas´s gifts and new products from Germany, Italy and Turkey. In these weeks, I tried some of them and decide to show  them here.


I think that it is quite ironic that I bought an Italian liquid shop in an American store - TK Maxx-  in Germany....but despise of that, I am really enjoying using it! The lavender fragrance is delicate and pleasant, but unfortunately the soap dries the hands pretty fast - which is very annoying. On the positive side, I find the packaging really cute - love having my flag on it! -  and fits very well with my bathroom´s interior.


I bought also this cande at TK Maxx, where in my opinion, you can always find very good scented candles at great bargain prices. I have never seen this brand before, but I made an internet research and found out that Stoneglow is an english little family company - here the site, if you are interested.
This candle in particular , is just very classic designed and the fragrance is sublime! If I would ever find a similar parfume I will buy it immediately!
It is a flowery scent but quite deep, it reminds me somehow of Acqua di Parma Iris parfume.
I think it was a great buy, I am just burning it right now and all my flat smells so nicely. 


Let´s go back to beauty products. I still have to decide if this Sephora Nano Eye pencil is a fail or not.
Let me explain. I bought this pencil back in Italy during the Christmas holiday and I was in a rush because I was at Sephora with my best friend, who really doesn´t wear make up at all and especially doesn´t care about it at all! I needed a new brown pencil because my Sleek one look like it doesn´t want to work on my eyes. So trying to be fast, I grabbed the cheapest brown pencil of the store - It costed about 5€. Well, of course I didn´t realize that it wasn´t a brown pencil but a plum.....ehmm I know!But the worst part is that it doesn´t work that well on the eyelid as well - I hate when I have to push the pencil and irritate my eyes just to have a really pale colored line. But , this is strange actually, the effect on the eyes is pretty...quite natural and it is hard to see if it is a plum or brown color. Actually, I think it suits green eyes very well and gives an innocent bambi look.
So, I still don´t know if I love it or hate it...I will give it a bit time more.


First, I would like to say that this was a birthday´s gift from a very good friend of mine, so I just cannot talk bad about it ;)
Actually, I like this Clinique lipgloss! I remember that my mum had a very similar one and I used to steal it very often. It is a sheer longlasting lipgloss with just a hint of  pink color - not so strong as it looks on the tube. I doesn´t dry the lips as other longwear product but at the same time, it wears off as soon as you drink or eat.
Overall, I think it is a great product for subtle daily looks.


I know the holiday season is over but I have to show you these lovely Bath&Body Works Candles 
that I bought in Istanbul. They smell so good, even when they are closed. I still haven´t burned them but the smell of merry cookie and frosted cupcake is all around. Yummi!I actually bought two but paid only one - thanks Bath&Body Works for the bargain! I wished I could have bought more but there was not so much space left in my luggage. 

So, that was all for now, but I will come back soon presenting the rest of the haul products and with some makeup looks too!